Explore Your Heritage … Approved ✅

Happy Cinco de Mayo!! I hope everyone had a great day. Our little family had quite he adventure today, though nothing extraordinary … well, we did start our day with a trip to the theater to watch The Avengers: Endgame, which was amazing! I came out of the movie feeling like the end of a great book – you know when you turn that last pages, take a deep breath and wonder how the world kept moving on when this epic event happened.


We did a little bit of maintenance on Clementine, the RV in anticipation of a upcoming camping trip- which will kick off our summer of monthly camping adventures!

Today is also Cinco de Mayo which I love! Not just for the margaritas and tacos, but because I love these days that have some sort of cultural or historical significance and being able to explore what the local communities do to celebrate them. This year, we didn’t get a chance to do anything because our schedules were so conflicted while I am working 2 jobs right now, but we have explored so many of these in the past.

My mom is Mexican and she didn’t really explore a lot of that heritage when we were younger, but as an adult, and more so as a parent, I love looking into these cultural moments. My dad’s family is French, with deep roots in Louisiana. Growing up family reunions and traditions were deeply rooted in things we did together and I loved every adventure-filled gathering.

If I could go back in time, I would certainly tell my younger self to cherish each of these moments and not take them for granted because they are now few and far between and I really wish my son had the chance to experience the vast family that I had as a child.

I am excited about learning more about not only my heritage, but my husband’s as well and sharing these with Jamie as he grows. What cultural and family traditions does your family observe?

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