Grow Something Green … Approved ✅


roseToday has been a great day- this afternoon in particular. Without going into too much detail, my maternal grandmother has been dealing with some medical issues that not only left her home bound, but with limited mobility as well. This is especially hard to see because for as long as I could remember, she has been an avid gardener.

Today, I spent a few hours at her house today and offered to replant a Pothos Ivy she had sitting in her livingroom. The ivy had been sitting in a hanging pot for a while and had lost nearly half its soil and had long, nearly leaf-less vines. So after making her lunch, I set about repotting and pruning the Pothos and setting some clipping in a glass of water to (hopefully) root.

Gran SmileAfter lunch and catching up on what my little family had been doing, she said she had enough energy to go sit on the front porch and I offered to replant a Begonia plant I found sitting in a 5-gallon bucket in her backyard. So after getting her settled on the porch in her walker, she spent about 45 minutes of leading me through a variety of tasks.

It was a fun afternoon with my hands deep in the dirt and cleaning her neglected flower bed.

It has only been in the last 18 months are so that I have been successfully growing potted plants at my own home. Growing up, both my maternal and paternal grandmothers were gardeners. I lived with my father and our family had a house on my paternal grandparents property. My paternal grandmother had an orchard when I was very young, and after about my 2nd grade year, she started growing live oak trees and selling them. We would walk down rows and rows of trees in little black plastic containers. We would water, weed and more. I would eventually have 11 siblings and 4 cousins who lived on the family property, so MawMaw certainly had a work crew of helpers. For a few, maybe 3 years, we were homeschooled and my dad and stepmother decided that a family garden would be a great learning experience. Each child old enough was assigned 2 rows and assigned vegetable and other plants. I had tomatoes and loved caring for those 2 rows.

Potted Plants 2As a teen, college student and eventual young adult, I didn’t really have time or interest in plants and military life made it a little hard with repeated moves. However, when Jamie was about 2 years old, I started introducing him to planting small, potted indoor plants, but chasing a toddler, working a full-time job and juggling other life filling activities meant that most of them didn’t survive a year.

We’re still working on that part, because even with a 9-year-old, life is hectic, but we are getting better. I definitely love the times I can get Jamie to slow down for a few minutes and join me in my plant world. If you get the chance to try it with your family, let me know how it goes, I’d love to heart how your family explores the wonderful world of nature!

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