Community History … Approved ✅

In August 2018 I volunteered to take over as Den Leader for my son’s Cub Scout Den. While it is a lot to take on, I have to say it has been fun finding new and unique ways to fulfill our Adventures (badges) with things that get the Scouts out of the classroom and interacting with new people.

IMG_4112As I’ve mentioned before, we live in one of the 13 communities in the Houston-Galveston Corridor. I reached out to a few of the local community museums to see who accommodate us for a Tuesday evening tour. Friendswood Council member and Friendswood Historical Society member Steve Rockey was able to work with us and offered to personally give us a tour of the Frank J. Brown Museum and Barn. The Museum is housed in a replica of the first house built in Friendswood in 1895—the home of the founder, Frank J. Brown who was also a member of The Society of Friends (Quakers).

The history of the town with the inclusion that it was founded as a Quaker community led to so many interesting side notes, such as the community creation (he purchase large section of land and divided it into plots), the community school history and how their religion played a role in the creation and growth, and the community’s ties to figs. Yep, figs.

The first floor of this particular museum was furnished with items from the founding family’s home and the second floor had additional items from various other families in the community as well as items from the community’s government (the first ballot box is a metal box with a slit in the top) and various community organizations (there is a record book from The Thimble Society-the community sewing group and women’s social group).

We had always enjoyed visiting local museums whenever we were sent to a new duty station in the Army, and my dad has always been a huge history buff, so I’ve always enjoyed learning about the history of things. When we left the military and found our “forever home”, I started to make a list of the local community museums, especially since we live in a place surrounded by so many small communities.

If  you haven’t taken time to visit your local museums, I encourage you to do so. There are so many amazing things that you can learn about the place you live, things that might surprise you. We will certainly be exploring more of these little museums and we’ll share them with you as we explore!

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