Color Run Fun … Approved ✅

So I’m sitting here, at 11 p.m. because I wanted today’s post to be about something we did for the first time today, Color Run. You may remember a post in August about Virtual Runs. They are fun ways to get out and explore, but participating in “live” runs have their own unique experience.

I don’t do a lot of live run because of the logistics of doing a race with our schedules at this time, unless its really close and we can coordinate activities for Jamie. When we heard that the school’s PTO festival would include a 1K Color Run this year, we were excited.


We learned that Daddy would have to work this evening, so the 3 of us went the the carnival this morning and then this evening Jamie and I headed over to the location for the Color Run.

Once the starting signal rang out, the color calk began to fly. Volunteers on both sides of the road sprayed runners with clouds of color as we ran or walked.  I highly recommend not talking or opening your mouth at that point.


We continued down the route, either passing or being passed by friends along the way. We started off near the end of the pack because Jamie doesn’t like crowds, especially those that are pushing, so with the added greeting teachers and such, we ended up being one of the last to cross the finish line. Just as we got to the point where the finish line was in sight, I asked Jamie if he wanted to run to the end. As he took off running we passed a police officer walking back in the same direction, and he challenged Jamie to a race and they took off. He let Jamie stay just ahead of him, bu kept it a close one. I wish I’d gotten his name, but once Jamie went through the finish line and got his medal from the H.S. cheerleaders, I was too busy chasing him as he tried to tell anyone who listened that he was a living rainbow.

Overall, it was a great event once I let go of how I thought it should happen, how he should react to his first fun run. I recommend every family try  family Run, Fun Run, or Color Run together. We will certainly be doing this again!



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