A Walk Through Virtual Races … Approved ✅

This morning was hot and muggy, but that didn’t stop Buster and I from logging our Virtual 5K this morning. That’s been our thing, morning walks, in the 2 years since he’s joined our thing. In the past year and a half since we started participating in Virtual Races, so let’s talk about them.


I accidentally found into Virtual Races. I stumbled across them in one of my Facebook Fitness Groups. I have to tell you, since Jamie was born I have been trying to find my “athletic activity”. Before he was born I did lots of activities, softball, weigh-lifting routing, and running, but after my pregnancy I just couldn’t seem to get back to it. However, once we got Buster I had to get this guy burning some energy, so walks – long walks, is what we started with!


One day I stumbled across Flex It Pink, a Women’s Fitness group that encourages women to be the best they can be, and part of that is hosting several virtual 5ks each year. The first one I did was the Race for the Rescues. I was a little nervous as Buster and I hadn’t done anything more than 2 miles at that point, but we did it and were hooked. We did a another one or two that year (2017) and then in January 2018 I started to try to do at least one a month.

So what’s a virtual race?

Virtual runs are like event runs, but you do them on your own schedule and location. There are a variety of Virtual Run Sites that I will put at the bottom, but essentially you sign up for the race you want to do, they send you the medal and race bib (some also have shirts) and you can run or walk whenever you’d like. It can be planned walk/run or just your daily steps. It’s up to you!

Most of them benefit a charity organization, so you can support causes you believe in while doing it! You can walk alone or in a group. You can do it on a treadmill or hit the streets or parks in your area. Again, all up to you.

When you are done, you can log your time on the hosts’s website. You don’t have to, it’s optional.

I have anxiety with events like this as I am very self-conscious having once been an athlete. I know it’s all in my head, but these keep me motivated to “lace up” my shoes and get some miles in.

I personally use the Runkeeper app (I use the free version) to log my miles. It lets me link with friends who are also on the app and we can post encouragement for each other.

Some of the Virtual Run hosts I’ve used are:
Flex It Pink (Has a great women’s empowerment community)
Moon Joggers (Has some of the most budget-friendly runs and I use this one the most. Also has an Ah-mazing FB group filled with so much support)
Run Like A Woman
Run Motivators (Has a 100-Mile Challenge that I am currently doing.)

My first run was with 3 other women who created a team with the goal of logging 2015 miles in 2015, either walk, run, swim, bike, etc. But at this point I still didn’t know about “virtual” races.

This year my goal is #Forty5KsAt40, but at least one medal event a month.

It’s also a great way to get your kids more active outside. While Jamie isn’t at a 3-mile distance yet, we have done some in 1-mile increments. That’s the great thing, you can do it on your own terms, so for him we do 5Ks in 3-parts!

Law Day RUn

So join me in a race or two. Get out and enjoy your community! We have explored so much on these activities … our own neighborhood and hikes combined.

Here are some of our earned medals!

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