Exploring Summer Library Programs … Approved ✅

21687667_10155797484753453_6431690065528270321_nSummer’s at the library are the things childhood memories are made of, and I am so excited to post this one, I’ve decided to do a BONUS POST today instead of waiting until Friday because we have already had the BEST adventures at our local libraries.

Libraries. That’s right, plural.

Last year Jamie read 43 books in the month of June, and I’d lost count by the end of July, so by the time school started, I could only guess how many “book adventures” he’d been on. Now I understand if you are say, “I don’t have a kid who likes to read” or “I get so tired of fighting my kids, forcing them to sit and read”. It wasn’t always easy. And I’m not saying that reading is the only thing libraries are good for. If you haven’t checked into the local library summer reading programs in your area, go do it now … well, not RIGHT now, but after you finish reading through the blog here.

This year we signed Jamie up for 4 library reading programs and 3 other summer reading program, which I’ll share 2 of them with you.

So local libraries have summer reading programs where kids can earn prizes by reading wither a certain number of books or by reading for a certain amount of time. We are doing one library program that counts books and 3 that count time. One if them is unlimited, so you can continue reading as much as you can getting a prize at certain check in times, while the others have a book or minute limit. Make sure to read all the information so you know what category and age group your student fits in.

11659520_10153523878958453_8349874510854578789_nWhen I was a child, we had a reading program that rewarded you for books read, but now libraries have so much more to offer. We are within a 20 minute drive of 4 community libraries and they offer creative and craft activities, reading hours, shows like magicians and clowns. We are loving all that they have to offer. Now, at age 8, Jamie is in a new age group for most libraries, so he gets to participate in “Tweens” programs like School of Rock, Lego Building Hour, Book Club, S.T.E.A.M. for Tweens, Are You Smarter than a Librarian, Dance Party and Mini-Hovercraft. We are very excited about all the possibilities. I mean if you haven’t attended a tea party dressed as a superhero, did you event enjoy your summer?

So why is it a great summer activity for almost any family? Let me list the reasons …

  • free- always a bonus when you are trying to entertain kids
  • air-conditioned- we live in South Texas and are already seeing high 90s, low 100s temperatures. Air-condition is a plus.
  • Educational- o.k. don’t tell the kids, but they might learn stuff while having fun!
  • Audio Books- if you have kids who aren’t a fan of reading, see if there are age-appropriate audio books that you can all listen to in the car.
  • Road Trip Prep- this is a great way to get some entertainment for kids for those long car rides, whether its audio books, printed books, digital books for their devices or movies, you can stock up on ways to keep them from getting bored and driving you crazy. Bonus, you can also research things to do in the area you will be vacationing!

So I hope you and your family find lots of adventures at your local library, whether its in the children’s department or in a book!


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