My Darlin’ Clementine …

So we did a thing … Mom Approved Adventures will be hitting the road this summer, well, part-time at least. At the end of April we bought a “pre-owned” RV and Clementine joined out family. I remember the first time I saw the RV, it was after spending an evening camping in a tent with our Cub Scout Pack where the temperatures dropped to the mid-40’s. Needless to say, I did not take much convincing. So meet our newest family member Clementine …

ClementineWe part-time adventurers because are in no position to do the RV living thing, because of jobs and Jamie’s educational needs for G&T programs. But we have spent nearly 12 years as “weekend explorers” through our military life, and we’ve continued that since leaving the military world. We are very excited to add this type of adventuring to our weekend options, because it opens us up to so many more opportunities.

So, you might want to know a little more about Clementine …

  • 2009 Rockwood Signature Ultra Light
  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight: Approx 6,000 lbs
  • Length: 34 feet (tongue to bumper)
  • Sleeps: rated for up to 10 (before previous owner modifications-removed a top bunk bed)
  • Single Slide consisting of sofa and eating area

She’s a little plain on the inside, it was purchased from a family who needed it when renovating their home after flooding sue to Hurricane Harvey. Thankfully, they have rebuilt, but as expected after months in the RV, they have no plans to spent time in another anytime in the near future. I have no idea why  RVs are stuck in the 1970/80s with their interior decor, at least the ones that tend to be in the price range of the average family. That’s probably why so many people who have the time and energy, renovate them.

So we have some plans to make changes … o.k. I have plans to make some changes, but we decided to do it in small increments so that we can still explore various camping adventures without interruption, especially since school ended yesterday!! (You’ll be able to see those changes on our social media accounts, so make sure to follow us!)

As of today, June 1, Mom Approved Adventures website has gone public, and we are already on our second RV camping trip. We will have a post about our first RV adventure at Lone Star Jellystone Campground later today!

Follow our Facebook page to see a video tour of the interior coming soon!

You can find us on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat too!!

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