Explore Your Own Backyard… Approved ✅

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHi! Welcome (again) to Mom Approved Adventures! I have to give credit to my husband’s adventurous spirit and journey in the Army for 14 years that has led us to this new blogging adventure. He was always the one pushing me to leave my comfort zone and explore, whether we were exploring the community around our college campus or the cities near the military based we were stationed.

Exploring our new community was one of my favorite activities and once we got settled in to our new home we headed off to learn more about the community in some of our favorite spots. Let’s look at my list of places to visit when we get to a new city.

Local Library

This is always a great place to start when you are looking to learn more about your area. Aside from checking out the kids and adult activities offered at the library, many have bulletin boards where you can find a list of local activities. Most library’s have a “historical” section for their community where you can learn about landmarks, points of interest and more. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll discover.

City Website

If your local city has a website, you may be able to find a list of activities there. Our community, and those around us offer summer concert series, kids movie night, and events in the park like a monthly Farmer’s Market and antique car shows. These are great ways to explore your local activity spots like parks and community centers.

Chamber of Commerce

Chambers of Commerce are there to share with you information about the businesses in the area. Seriously, that’s their primary purpose. You can stop in many Chambers (check business hours) and peruse a rack or table with pamphlets, rack cards and even event publications to find things your family will enjoy. Many times you will be able to speak to staff who can give you insider information like best days or times to go places,, upcoming events that haven’t be posted online yet and more.

Visitor Centers

IMG_4273Visitor Centers, also known as Welcome Centers or Tourism Centers, are a great way to learn about places to explore in the whole state! If you used a realtor they may be able to tell you where one it, or you can search online to find the one nearest you. Event if its a drive, its worth the drive and you can plan an adventure along the way. These centers can also tell you about local memorials, historical sites, state parks and more.


This is an often overlooked area of information because you only think about going if you are staying, but you are welcome to stop by and peruse the information in their lobby. As a former editor of a travel magazine, I can tell you this is top on the list of place to place information for businesses that rely on tourism.

Social Media

A wealth of information if you know where to look. This is a great time to just start searching for hashtags. Restaurants and entertainment businesses usually hashtag the city/town they are in so its a great way to find spots you might otherwise overlook. Make sure to look for hashtags of neighboring communities as well, especially if you are alongside or within a short distance of a big city because businesses will hashtag those to give them more visibility.

Another social media option is to look for community groups, a city website, a moms page, chamber of commerce pages, etc. They will often post information about upcoming events and in some groups you can get lots of referrals from the locals. There are some spots that only the locals know about and those can be the best find!


No matter how long you have been in your community, its never too long to begin exploring it. Whether you are doing activities along like geocaching or with the whole community like a parade or festival, the best part of being is a community is being a part of it. Get out, explore. You never know what adventure you will find right outside your front door!

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