Law DayWelcome to Mom Approved Adventures!

Thank you for joining our family as we embark on fun-filled family adventures and chronicle them on our blog. We are excited that you are visiting.

As a military family, we moved a lot and it was hard being uprooted from a place we have come to think of as home and saying goodbye to people who had seen us through some of the toughest times in our lives. But that also meant that we would have the chance to see another part of our amazing country, and learn more about the culture and history of our new home. We decided to embrace these moves and see what we could experience in our new community, city and state.

For years we have shared our stories of adventure with family and friends, but now we want to share our stories with other adventurers and maybe help inspire you and your family to explore all the wonderful things that are in your community’s own backyard.

Even though our military adventures are over, we are not ready to give up our exploring. We are not perfect at all, and some days are one giant blooper reel, but we know that despite Doritos-covered faces, mismatched clothing, reheating cups of coffee or spilled plates of food, when we leave an adventure, we will leave with memories to last a lifetime. So whether we are exploring activities in our own backyard or traveling to find new experiences, we are glad you are traveling with us!

Visit our blog to learn more about each of our adventures.

Michelle (with George, Jamie and our dog Buster)

Walking Partner

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